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Hi! Welcome to [community profile] transgender, community for anyone under the trans* umbrella and their friends, families, and allies.

A few rules to start us off:
1 - Be respectful. I'm not going to ban specific words because I think you all deserve to be treated like adults. However, I will not hesitate to pull out the ban hammer on people who repeatedly (read: more than three times) use personal attacks. I reserve the right to skip the three strikes rule for people who insist on trolling or are blatantly hateful.

2 - Stay on topic. I don't moderate postings for the same reason I don't ban words. It's easy enough to keep on topic so just do us all a favour and don't post about your new puppy (even if I do love puppies). If something is off topic I *will* delete it without warning.

3 - No community advertisements. At least not yet. If you'd like to e-mail me and ask for permission to post an advert for a related community go ahead, I just want to avoid the 50 million cross-posts for yet another GLBTQIAA group.

4 - No explicit content. I want this community to stay all-ages, in order to do that it needs to be kept clean.

5 - Please write in prose format. A bit arbitrary, I know. It's just so much easier to understand what you're saying when you use prose.

6 - Use a cut tag. All pictures and long posts need to go behind a cut. I'm going to let you use your judgment for what's considered long, if I have to make a set rule I will.

7 - Be respectful. Repeating this one simply because it's the cornerstone of the community.

Mod Note: I haven't posted a link list because so far there's only been one suggestion and I'd like it to be a community-wide effort. I tend to focus on FtM sites, if I wrote it there'd be nothing for the genderqueer/other gendered/mtf/whatever I'm leaving out people.
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