May. 1st, 2009

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Does anyone happen to know of other trans-related communities on DW? I'd like to keep up a running list so that everyone can find the place they feel most comfortable. Communities for transwomen would be particularly helpful as I don't have the same kind of access to women's spaces that I do men's.

So far I've got:
[community profile] trans (thank you [profile] aunty_sarah)
[community profile] tguk (thanks to [personal profile] tornir)
[community profile] queer_rage (trans-friendly, allows crossposts. Thanks to [personal profile] amadi)
[community profile] polygender
[community profile] ftm
[community profile] ftm_adult
[community profile] effeminate_ftm
[community profile] androgynes
[community profile] postqueer (which isn't 100% trans so I'm unsure about including it)
[community profile] late_blooming_trans (thanks to [personal profile] kayden)

From [personal profile] shemale
[community profile] mtf
[community profile] partners_of_tg
[community profile] tranny_rage
[community profile] trans_latinao
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I hope this question is OK - please delete if not.

My question is about the usage of the terms 'sex' and 'gender'.

I find it useful to distinguish between sex - as biological genotype or phenotype - and gender - as social construct (and grammatical!) etc.

May I ask about how other readers define these terms?



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